655.11   APPEALS.
   (a)   If the Alarm Administrator assesses a fine or denies the issuance, renewal or reinstatement of an alarm registration, the Alarm Administrator shall send written notice of the action and a statement of the right to an appeal to the affected applicant or alarm user and the alarm installation company and/or monitoring company.
   (b)   The alarm user may appeal an assessment of a fine or the revocation of an alarm registration to the Alarm Administrator by setting forth in writing the reasons for the appeal. The appeal must be received by the Alarm Administrator along with the appeal filing fee (See Appendix A - Fines and Fees), within thirty (30) days after receipt of the fine or notice of revocation.
   (c)   Filing of a request for appeal and paying the appeal fee, shall stay the action by the Alarm Administrator revoking an alarm registration or requiring payment of a fine.
   (d)   The Alarm Administrator or a designee will review the appeal and provide a response based on the facts of the individual case. The appeal and the response from the Alarm Administrator will go to the Sheriff's Office Commander of Admin/Tech Division or his designee, for a decision.
(Ord. 05-02. Passed 3-15-05.)