(a)   The Alarm Administrator may suspend law enforcement response to an alarm site by revoking the alarm registration if it is determined that:
      (1)   The alarm user has failed to pay assessed fines or fees (See Appendix A - Fines and Fees);
      (2)   There is a statement of a material fact known to be false contained in the application for a registration;
      (3)   The alarm user has failed to submit a written certification from an alarm installation company that complies with the requirements of this chapter, stating that the alarm system has been inspected and repaired (if necessary) and/or the alarm installation company has conducted additional training.
   (b)   A person commits an offense if he/she operates an alarm system during the period in which their alarm registration is revoked and is subject to enforcement and penalties set in Appendix A - Fines and Fees. A monitoring company commits an offense if it continues alarm dispatch requests to an alarm site after notification by the Alarm Administrator that the registration has been revoked and is subject to enforcement and penalties as set forth in Appendix A - Fines and Fees.
   (c)   Unless there is separate indication that there is a crime in progress, the Sheriff's Office may refuse to respond to an alarm dispatch request at an alarm site for which the alarm registration is revoked.
   (d)   If a fine has been imposed on an alarm user, alarm installation company or alarm monitoring company and neither a payment nor appeal has been received by the Alarm Administrator, a notice shall then be issued that the user or installation or monitoring company are subject to being placed on a no-response list. The user or companies shall thereafter have ten (10) days to respond to the notice, and if none is forthcoming, the Alarm Administrator may place the alarm user on a no-response status.
(Ord. 05-02. Passed 3-15-05.)