655.08   FINES.
   (a)   An alarm user shall be subject to fines, depending on the number of false alarms within a calendar year based upon the schedule set forth in Appendix A - Fines and Fees.
   (b)   In addition, any person operating a non-registered alarm system will be subject to a fine set forth in Appendix A - Fines and Fees for each false alarm in addition to any other fines. The Alarm Administrator may waive this additional fine for a non-registered system if the alarm user submits an application for alarm registration within five (5) working days after notification of such violation.
   (c)   If cancellation occurs prior to law enforcement arriving at the scene, this is not a false alarm for the purpose of fines, and no fines will be assessed.
   (d)   The alarm installation company shall be assessed a fine as set forth Appendix A – Fines and Fees if the Deputy responding to the false alarm determines that an on-site employee of the alarm installation company directly caused the false alarm. In this situation, the false alarm will not be counted against the alarm user.
   (e)   The alarm installation company shall be subject to a two hundred dollar ($200.00) fine if the Alarm Administrator determines that an alarm installation company employee knowingly made a false statement concerning the inspection of an alarm site or the performance of an alarm system.
   (f)   With respect to fines of an alarm installation company or monitoring company, the Alarm Administrator may take into consideration whether the alarm company has engaged in a consistent pattern of violations.
   (g)   Notice of the right of appeal under this chapter will be included with any fines.
(Ord. 05-02. Passed 3-15-05.)