When any number of persons, whether armed or not, are unlawfully or riotously assembled, the Sheriff and his or her deputies, the police officials of any town and any assigned militia, or any one or more of the foregoing, shall go among the persons assembled or as near to them as safety permits and command them in the name of the State to immediately disperse. If, upon such command, the persons unlawfully assembled do not disperse immediately, such Sheriff, officer or militia may use such force as is reasonably necessary to disperse them and to arrest those who fail or refuse to disperse. To accomplish this end, the Sheriff or other law enforcement officer may request and use the assistance and services of private citizens. Every endeavor shall be used, both by such Sheriff or other officers and by the officer commanding any other force, which can be made consistent with the preservation of life, to induce or force those unlawfully assembled to disperse before an attack is made upon those unlawfully assembled by which their lives may be endangered. No liability, criminal or civil, shall be imposed upon any person authorized to disperse or assist in dispersing a riot or unlawful assembly for any action of such person which was taken after those rioting or unlawfully assembled had been commended to disperse, which action was reasonably necessary, under all circumstances, to disperse such riot or unlawful assembly or to arrest those who failed or refused to disperse.
(Ord. 85-03. Passed 1-22-85.)