204.03   COUNTY FLAG.
   A County Flag is hereby adopted. The Flag is based on the Coat of Arms of the Fourth Earl of Loudoun, who was once Commander-in-Chief of the British Armed Forces in North America and Governor of Virginia. The Flag is rectangular and consists of eight alternating red and ermine right triangular fields with the bases of the triangles forming the border of the Flag and the apexes of the triangles converging in the center of the Flag. The edging of the Flag consists of green indentation with white or silver drops, suggesting milk drops. The ermine fields contain nine green wheat symbols in each field. The Flag represents the agricultural background of the County (the green color); the Monroe Doctrine and President Monroe's association with the County (the indented or “embattled” edging); and the dairy industry, still so important to the County (the white or silver drops suggestive of milk). The Flag is on display in the Board Room of the Board of Supervisors.