As used in this chapter, unless otherwise required by the context:
   (a)   "Blighted property" means any individual commercial, industrial, or residential structure or improvement that endangers the public's health, safety, or welfare because the structure or improvement upon the property is dilapidated, deteriorated, or violates minimum health and safety standards.
   (b)   "County" means the County of Loudoun, Virginia.
   (c)   "Farm building or structure" means a legally established building or structure, primarily used for agricultural, horticultural, or animal husbandry purposes as defined by the Zoning Ordinance, and located on a parcel that is either subject to a Conservation Farm Management Plan approved by the Loudoun County Soil and Water Conservation District or the U.S. Natural Resources and Conservation Service, or enrolled in the Land Use Assessment Program under the Agricultural use category.
   (d)   "Spot blight" means a structure or improvement that is a blighted property as defined in this chapter.
   (e)   "Spot blight abatement plan" means the written plan prepared by the owner(s) of record of any blighted property to address spot blight, or if the owner(s) of record of such blighted property fail to respond as provided for in this chapter, the written plan prepared by the County Administrator, or designee, to abate, raze, or remove the blighted property.
(Ord. 17-10. Passed 10-11-17.)