(a)   Any person aggrieved by any action taken under the authority of this chapter may submit a written request for administrative review with the Health Director. The request shall be submitted on a standard form provided by the Health Department. The request shall detail and specify the basis for appeal to the Health Director and requesting the action to be reviewed.
   (b)   A written application for administrative review shall be submitted to the Health Director within 30 days of the enforcement action. Upon receipt of such request the Health Director or designee shall notify the person of the date, time and location of such review, which shall be set at a mutually convenient time between 5 and 15 days from the date the application for administrative review was received.
   (c)   The Health Director will issue a written decision concerning the disposition of the administrative review within 30 days of the review date.
(Ord. 17-03.  Passed 1-19-17.)