1066.001   INTENT.
   The provisions of this chapter are in addition to the requirements of Chapter 1067 of the Codified Ordinances and are intended to implement the regulations of the State Board of Health regarding private onsite sewage treatment systems. To the extent that any provision of Chapter 1066 conflicts with any other provision of State or local law, the more stringent provision shall apply; provided, however that, to the extent that any provision of Chapter 1066 as applied to an alternative onsite sewage system (AOSS) is deemed to be additional to or more stringent than the requirements and standards for alternative onsite sewage systems of the State Board of Health, then this chapter shall apply to the greatest extent possible and the said State requirements and standards shall apply if (i) sewers or sewerage disposal facilities are not available in the area of the subject property, and (ii) the alternative onsite sewage system used on the subject site has been approved by the State Board of Health for use in the particular circumstances and conditions in which it is to be operating.
(Ord. 17-03. Passed 1-19-17.)