Circuit Court of Loudoun County
   EDITOR'S NOTE: The Circuit Court of Loudoun County hears appeals from decisions of the General District and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts. It has concurrent jurisdiction with the General District Court over cases at law involving from four thousand five hundred dollars ($4,500) to twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000), and original and exclusive jurisdiction over cases at law involving more than twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000).
294.01   Collection of fee for courthouse maintenance.
294.02   Collection of fee for courthouse security.
294.03   Collection of Sheriff's processing fee.
294.04   Direction of juror compensation to County's Court Service Unit.
294.05   Collection of fee for electronic summons system.
   Circuit Courts - see Code of Va. §§ 17.1-279, 17.1-281, 17.1-500, 17.1-619 to 17.1-623
   Clerk of the Circuit Court - see ADM. Ch. 226 
   Legal Resources Center Fund - see ADM. Ch. 296 
   Penalty and equitable remedies for violations of Subdivision Regulations - see P. & Z. 1242.11