Upon the satisfactory completion of the installation of the required improvements shown on the approved site plan or construction plan and profiles, whichever is applicable, the developer shall submit to the Director copies of the completed record drawings. Such shall be submitted at least one (1) week prior to the anticipated occupancy of any building for the review and approval by the Director for conformance with the approved site plan and the ordinances and regulations of the County and State agencies.
   The approval of the final site plan or the installation of the improvements as required in this Ordinance shall in no case serve to bind the County to accept such improvements for maintenance, repair or operation thereof. Such acceptance shall be subject to the County and/or State regulations, where applicable, concerning the acceptance of each type of improvement.
   The final bond shall not be released until after the approval of the record drawings plan.
(Ord. 00-04. Passed 4-29-00.)