No preliminary plan of subdivision shall be approved where a well and/or sewage disposal system is to be provided for each building lot in the subdivision, until written approval of proposed locations for such systems has been secured from the Health Director. Such approved locations shall be shown to scale on the preliminary plan and on the record plat.
   The Health Director, or his designee, shall review and approve or deny the applicant's proposal for wells and sewage disposal systems and shall advise the Commission of his Findings. The groundwater source must be an approved source of supply reasonably calculated to be capable of furnishing the needs of the eventual inhabitants of the subdivision. The Health Director, or his designee, may require geotechnical or other tests to determine the suitability of the soil for subsurface disposal; and may require hydrogeologic or other tests to determine the adequacy of the groundwater supply for the proposed use or uses. Hydrogeologic tests shall be in conformance with Section 6.600 of the Facilities Standards Manual, which is incorporated herein by reference. Geotechnical, hydrogeologic and/or other tests shall be the responsibility of the developer, with supervision by the Health Director. Where hydrogeologic testing has been required pursuant to preliminary subdivision plat review and approval, no record plat of subdivision shall be approved for any lot under 80,000 square feet until written approval of constructed well has been secured from the Health Director.
   Any proposed lots which have been completely tested and do not meet Health Department requirements may be approved with a note similar to the following placed on the plat:
      “NOTE: This lot is not considered to be approved as a building lot as it is unsuitable for the installation of an on site sewage disposal system and/or individual water supply under the current standards of the Loudoun County Health Department.”
(Ord. 00-04. Passed 4-29-00; Ord. 06-16. Passed 12-5-06.)