(1)   Easements for utilities shall be provided and delineated on the record plat in the location and to the width designated by the approving authority after receiving recommendations from the agencies responsible for the installation of the same.
   (2)   In appropriate cases as determined by the Director, common or shared easements may be conveyed to franchised cable television operators furnishing cable television and public service corporations furnishing cable television, gas, telephone, and electric service to the proposed subdivision. Any such easements, the location of which shall be adequate for use by the public service corporations which may be expected to occupy it, may be conveyed by reference on the record plat, and in the deed of dedication to which the plat is attached, to the Deed Book and page number of a recorded Declaration of the terms and conditions of such common easement agreed to by such franchised cable television operators furnishing cable television or such public service corporations provided that such Declaration has been recorded among the Land Records of Loudoun County. Any such proposed conveyance of common or shared easements shall be subject to the Director's determination of whether or not the recorded Declaration achieves the purposes of this Ordinance and complies with any applicable design requirements of the Facilities Standards Manual. The failure of any such franchised cable television operator to agree to the terms and conditions set out in such Declaration shall not defeat or impair any such common easement conveyance.
   (3)   All utility easements and the installation of utilities shall be in conformance with the specifications contained in the Facilities Standards Manual.
(Ord. 00-04. Passed 4-29-00.)