Any and all streets that are not constructed to meet the standards necessary for inclusion in the system of state highways will be privately maintained and will not be eligible for acceptance into the system of state highways unless improved to current Department of Transportation standards with funds other than those appropriated by the General Assembly and allocated by the Commonwealth Transportation Board.
   Private access easement roads designed and constructed in accordance with the Facilities Standards Manual may serve as frontage in lieu of public street for the following types of development lots:
      (1)   Up to a maximum of seven (7) lots:
         (a)   Family subdivisions (See Chapter 1243 ).
          (b)   Structures contained in a Historic Site (HS) District (See Section 6-1800, Zoning Ordinance).
          (c)   Cluster subdivisions in the A-10, Low Density Rural District.
         (d)   Subdivisions in the A-10 Zoning Districts.
         (e)   Subdivisions utilizing the Rural Hamlet Option or Countryside Hamlet Option.
          (f)   Development in accordance with the provisions of the Rural Village Conservancy in the PD-RV District (See Section 4-1204, Zoning Ordinance).
         (g)   Lots created for use by LCSA, VDOT, municipal utilities, public utilities as defined in Section 56-232 of the Virginia State Code, or public service corporations, as defined in Section 56-1 of the Virginia State Code, and meeting the requirements of Section 5-621 (See Section 1-404(B)(2), Zoning Ordinance).
         (h)   Divisions as defined in Chapter 1241 of this Ordinance in the AR-1 and AR-2 Zoning Districts.
      (2)   Up to a maximum of 25 lots.
         (a)   Subdivisions in the AR-1, AR-2, RR-1, and RR-2 Zoning Districts.
(Ord. 00-04. Passed 4-29-00; Ord. 06-16. Passed 12-5-06; Ord. 07-03. Passed 7-10-07.)