1243.12   RECORD PLAT.
   (1)    After approval or conditional approval of the preliminary plat, any subdivider who proposes to record a plat of the subdivision approved or conditionally approved on the preliminary plat shall submit paper copies of the record plat to the Director for staff review along with all other documents, as specified in this Ordinance and the Facilities Standards Manual. The Director may require additional copies of the record plat as necessary at any time during the processing of the application.
   (2)    (a)    Upon receipt of the record plats and all required documents as specified in this Ordinance and the Facilities Standards Manual, the Director shall determine, within five (5) working days, if the record plats and documents comply with all applicable rules and regulations relating to the submission of a record plat application for processing and review.
   Except as otherwise expressly provided in this chapter for preliminary/record plats, the Director shall not accept a record plat unless there is a preliminary plat for the same property which has been approved or conditionally approved by the Director and which remains valid pursuant to the limitations of Section 1243.08. Upon acceptance of record plats and documents, the Director shall forward said plats and documents to the affected agencies.
      (b)   Upon acceptance of the documents and record plat, the application shall be deemed to be officially submitted, and the date upon which such determination is noted in the official records of the Department shall be deemed the filing date for the record plat.
      (c)   If it is not accepted, the reasons for not accepting the record plat for processing shall be indicated in writing, the record plat and documents shall be returned to the subdivider with a full refund of any fees rendered, and no review of the record plat shall be conducted.
      (d)   The Director's determination that the record plat qualifies to be officially submitted shall not be deemed a determination that the record plat meets requirements for approval, which approval may only be given by the Director subject to the standards provided in this section after the procedural requirements of this Ordinance for review and responsive comment have been met.
      (e)   Once an application has been submitted for record plat approval, any record plat application filed thereafter for the same property while the initial application is still pending shall be deemed withdrawal of the initial application.
   (3)    (a)   Within sixty (60) days after the filing date of the record plat and plans, and after the submission of copies of the record plat, and the compliance with all other requirements, the Director shall approve such record plats, pursuant to Section 15.2-2259 of the Code of Virginia, such approval to be evidenced by the signature of the Director on the record plat, provided that:
         (1)   The record plat is in substantial conformance with the approved preliminary plat, including the character and proposed layout depicted thereon and any and all conditions imposed by the Director upon the approval of the preliminary plat, and is in conformance with the requirements and provisions of this Ordinance and all other applicable County ordinances and laws; and
         (2)   A letter is signed by the Director that all construction plans and profiles for all public improvements are designed in accordance with the Facilities Standards Manual.
      (b)    If such conditions are not met, the Director shall not approve such record plats. Written reasons for such disapproval shall identify deficiencies in the record plats which cause the disapproval by reference to specific duly adopted ordinances, regulations, or policies and shall generally identify such modifications or corrections as will permit approval of the plat. A disapproval may be appealed in accordance with the provisions of Section 1242.04. Nothing herein shall be interpreted so as to preclude the filing of a new record plat application for the same property if no appeal is pending and if the corresponding preliminary plat remains valid pursuant to the limitations of Section 1243.08.
   (4)    The Director shall not release an approved record plat and approval of the record plat shall not be deemed final until all required agreements and surety relating to the record plat have been submitted, approved, and executed in accordance with the Bonding Policy in effect at the time the record plat is approved.
   (5)    An approved record plat shall be recorded by the subdivider in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Loudoun County within six (6) months of the date of final approval, or it is void.
   (6)    Prior to approval of the record plat, the subdivider shall submit a request for assignment of addresses as provided in the Facilities Standards Manual, Chapter 7, as amended.
(Ord. 00-04. Passed 4-29-00.)