When the purpose of a plat is to dedicate land for public street purposes only, and such plat does not create any additional lot or lots of record, the subdivider may submit a Dedication Plat to create such public street under the following circumstances and in accordance with the following procedures:
   (1)   Such plat shall dedicate for public street purposes:
      (a)   Additional right-of-way for an existing road in the state system; or
      (b)   A street (or streets) identified in the Comprehensive Plan; or
      (c)   A street (or streets) identified in approved proffers or on an approved special exception plat or Concept Development Plan, and
         (i)   Having a projected traffic volume of not less than 4,000 vehicles per day (“VPD”); or
         (ii)   As otherwise approved by the Director.
   (2)   Such plat may be submitted subsequent to, or concurrently with, the Construction Plans and Profiles for the street(s) dedicated on the plat.
   (3)   Such plat shall comply with all of the requirements of the Facilities Standards Manual for plats except that no preliminary subdivision plat shall be required, provided, however, that any action required by any applicable proffer or special exception condition to have been performed in conjunction with the preliminary plat for such street shall be required in conjunction with such Dedication Plat.
(Ord. 00-04. Passed 4-29-00; Ord. 05-05. Passed 6-16-05.)