(1)   Any preliminary subdivision application, preliminary site plan application, preliminary/record plat application, preliminary/final site plan application, record plat application, final site plan application, construction plans and profiles application, boundary line adjustment application, or family subdivision application officially accepted by the County for processing, but which has had such processing suspended either by request of the applicant or by having no contact or activity occur in regards to the application by the applicant for a period of six months shall be deemed inactive.
   (2)   An application may remain inactive for a period of up to three (3) years, at the end of which period it will be processed to a final decision. If an applicant wishes to reactivate their application prior to the end of this three (3) year period, they must notify the County in writing of their intent to proceed with their application, grant the County an appropriate timeline extension and pay a reactivation fee as established by the Board of Supervisors. Once reactivated, such application must proceed to a final decision.
(Ord. 00-04. Passed 4-29-00.)