(a)   The Codified Ordinances of Loudoun County, Virginia, 1980, may be amended or supplemented at any time and, when any amendment or supplement is adopted in such form as to indicate the intention of the Board of Supervisors to make the same a part thereof, such amendment or supplement shall be incorporated in, and deemed a part of, the Codified Ordinances, so that a reference to the Codified Ordinances shall be understood and construed as including the Codified Ordinances and any and all such amendments and supplements.
   (b)   All amendments and supplements enacted as a part of the Codified Ordinances shall be integrated therewith by following the form of arrangement and plan set forth in the original Codified Ordinances as follows: each component code shall be subdivided into titles; each title shall be subdivided into chapters, and each chapter shall be subdivided into sections, which shall be numbered in accordance with the decimal numbering system. The numbering of all sections, except penalty sections, shall be consecutive within each chapter commencing with the first section of Chapter 202, which shall be numbered 202.01, the first “2" signifying component code 2, and the two figures “02" before the decimal signifying the chapter within the component code, and the two figures “01" after the decimal signifying the first section in Chapter 202 of the component code. Penalty sections shall be designated “99" and shall be the last section of a chapter.