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   (Amended by Ord. No. 185,644, Eff. 7/6/18.)
   A.   Frequency of Periodic Inspections. Except as otherwise provided in this Article, the Department shall make a reasonable effort to conduct a periodic inspection once every four years of all residential rental properties, buildings, units and structures falling within the scope of this Article.
   B.   Criteria for More Frequent Periodic Inspections. The Department shall promulgate regulations, subject to approval of the City Council, determining when a residential rental property, building, unit, or structure falling within the scope of this Article may be inspected more frequently than provided in Section 161.602 A. due to a substantial risk of violation of this Article. The regulations may include the following criteria:
   1.   The extent and seriousness of the current violations and any reasonably anticipated effect on the occupants.
   2.   The history of the property during the past four years, including whether the property has been the subject of orders issued by other agencies concerning health and safety violations; orders imposed by the General Manager under Division 8 of this Article; or involvement in nuisance abatement.
   3.   The age of the premises.
   4.   The record in the past four years of the persons or entities who own, manage or control the property with respect to health or safety violations at the premises or other properties and whether the violations have been subject to enforcement action.
   5.   Whether the property has delinquent fees imposed under Division 9 of this Article.
   6.   Whether there are tax defaults on the property.
   7.   If a master-metered property, whether there are any delinquent utility bills in excess of 6 months.
   8.   Any other criteria determined by the Department to be indicative of the existence of health or safety violations.
   C.   Regulations and Policies. The General Manager may adopt regulations and policies to implement this Section.