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   (Added by Ord. No. 171,258, Eff. 8/30/96.)
91.9409.1.  General.  The licensed engineer or architect responsible for the seismic analysis of the building shall record the information required by this section on the approved plans. The plans shall accurately reflect the results of the engineering investigation and design and show all pertinent dimensions and sizes for plan review and construction. The plans shall show existing framing construction, diaphragm construction, proposed primary, alternate and secondary anchors, proposed shear walls and collectors for the base and below.  All structural elements that are part of the design including existing nailing, anchors, ties, and collectors, shall be shown on the plans.  The plans shall indicate existing construction that has not been exposed and needs verification at the time of construction.
91.9409.2.  Building Elevations.  Elevations showing the existing conditions shall be drawn to scale.  Elevations shall show roof and floor heights, dimensions of openings, location and extent of existing damage, and proposed repair and strengthening.
91.9409.3.  Shear Walls.  Plans shall include all information pertinent to shear walls, including typical wall panel thickness, length, and the location and size of all anchors.
91.9409.4.  Details.  Details shall include the existing lateral bracing systems to be utilized including work required for the lateral and vertical load systems and new anchors and the method of development of anchor forces into the diaphragm framing.
91.9409.5.  Engineer’s or Architect’s Statement.  (Amended by Ord. No. 185,587, Eff. 7/16/18.)  The responsible engineer or architect shall state on the approved plans the following:
   1.   "I am responsible for designing the strengthening for this building's base level and below in compliance with the minimum regulations of Division 94, Article 1, Chapter IX of the LAMC; and either I or someone under my responsible charge has performed the pre-design investigation."
   or when applicable:
   2.   "The Registered Deputy Inspector, required as a condition of the use of structural design stresses requiring continuous inspection, will be responsible to me as required by LAMC Section 91.1704."
Existing Materials or Configuration of Materials 1
Allowable Values
1.   Plain or reinforced concrete footings
f 'c = 2000 psi (13.8 MPa) unless otherwise shown by tests.
2.   Douglas fir wood
Allowable stress same as No. 2 D.F.
3.   Reinforcing steel
fs =  0.4 Fy, maximum 16 ksi (110 MPa).
4.   Structural steel
fb = 0.6 Fy, maximum 22 ksi (152 MPa).
5.   Anchor bolts
Current code values.
6.   Wood structural panels/diagonal sheathing
Current code values.
   1   Material must be sound and in good condition.