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   (Amended by Ord. No. 173, 587, Eff. 12/7/00.)
   All sewer service charge moneys collected for the City shall be placed and deposited into the Sewer Construction and Maintenance Fund established by Section 64.19.2 of this Code, such moneys to be expended for the purposes set forth in Section 64.41.03(a), of this Code to pay for any refunds, billing, collection and administration costs related to the sewer service charge and as security and payment of the principal and interest, premiums, if any, of bonds and other obligations issued or incurred for sewer related purposes and to otherwise comply with, be in accordance with, or be in furtherance of, any provisions of law relating to the issuance of such bonds or other obligations and the resolutions under which such bonds or other obligations are issued or incurred. The Office of Finance is hereby authorized to draw demands upon such fund where necessary to pay Water and Power for its administrative and other costs in connection with refunds, billing and collecting such sewer service charge pursuant to arrangements made as set forth in Section 64.41.05(c) of this Code.