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   The following words and phrases, whenever used in this article, shall be construed as defined in this section:
   A.   AIDS:  shall mean the disease complex which occurs when an important part of the human immune system is destroyed by the action of a virus known as HTLV-III or LAV. Signs and symptoms of this disease complex are manifested in the afflicted person by a series of virus or fungus-caused illnesses of a chronic nature.
   B.   Condition related thereto:  Shall mean any perception that a person is suffering from the medical condition AIDS whether real or imaginary.
   C.   Business Establishment:  shall mean any entity, however organized, which furnishes goods or services to the general public. An otherwise qualifying establishment which has membership requirements is considered to furnish services to the general public if its membership requirements:  (a) consist only of payment of fees;  (b) consist of requirements under which a substantial portion of the residents of this City could qualify.
   D.   Employer:  Shall mean every person, including any public service corporation and the legal representative of any deceased employer which has any natural person in service.
   E.   Housing Services:  Shall mean services connected with the use or occupancy of a rental unit including but not limited to, utilities (including light, heat, water and telephone), ordinary repairs or replacement, and maintenance, including painting. This term shall also include the provision of elevator service, laundry facilities and privileges, common recreational facilities, janitor service, resident manager, refuse removal, furnishings, food service, parking and any other benefits, privileges or facilities.
   F.   Rent:  Shall mean the consideration, including any bonus, benefits or gratuity, demanded or received by a landlord for or in connection with the use or occupancy of a rental unit, including but not limited to monies demanded or paid for the following: meals where required by the landlord as a condition of the tenancy; parking; furnishings; other housing services of any kind; subletting; or security deposits.
   G.   Rental Units:  Shall mean all dwelling units, efficiency dwelling units, guest rooms, and suites in the City of Los Angeles, as defined in Section 12.03 of this Code, rented or offered for rent for living or dwelling purposes, the land and buildings appurtenant thereto, and all housing services, privileges, furnishings and facilities supplied in connection with the use or occupancy thereof, including garage and parking facilities.
   This term shall not include:
   1.   Housing accommodations which a government unit, agency or authority owns, operates, or manages, and which are specifically exempted from municipal regulation by state or federal law or administrative regulation.
   H.   Person:  Shall mean any natural person, firm, corporation, partnership or other organization, association or group of persons however organized.