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Sec. 22.326.  Board of Public Works Authority to Adjust and Refund Lot Cleaning Charges and Assessments.
   A.   The Board of Public Works shall have authority to adjust and authorize refunds for weed abatement and brush clearing assessments upon written claim filed with the City Clerk without first having received the approval of the City Council, if such refund or adjustment does not exceed the sum of $5,000.00 and if the Board is satisfied upon such proof as may be presented to or required by them that the following conditions exist:
   1.   That the claim for refund or adjustment was filed with the City Clerk on or before November 1st after the assessment became due and payable.
   2.   That the claim is made by the person who paid the assessment, his guardian, executor or administrator.
   3.   That the assessment was erroneously levied.
   B.   In determining whether the assessment was erroneously levied, the Board of Public Works shall take into account the following factors:
   1.   That work was not performed upon the lot against which the assessment was levied.
   2.   That no notice was given with regard to the existence of a public nuisance on the lot requiring removal of weeds, brush or rubbish.
   3.   That charges for the work performed by the City were incorrect.
   4.   That the property owner, within a reasonable time before work was performed by the City, removed weeds, brush and rubbish from the lot assessed and secured a release from the appropriate City official.
   5.   That the work performed by the City was in excess of that required by notice given pursuant to Sections 57.322.1 and of the Los Angeles Municipal Code.
   C.   That the Board of Public Works shall cause a detailed report to be made as to any refund or adjustment of assessment, showing the name and address of the person to receive such adjustment or refund, the amount thereof, and the reasons why said refund or adjustment is made. Such report shall be adopted by the Board of Public Works and transmitted to the County of Los Angeles.
Added by Ord. No. 147,595, Eff. 9-13-75.
Amended by:  Formerly Sec. 22.325, renumbered by Ord. No. 155,308, Eff. 7-10-81; Subsec. A, Ord. No. 171,025, Eff. 5-23-96.