Temporary sign shall be subject to the following provisions.
   (A)   Temporary signs in nonresidential zoning districts.
      (1)   Temporary signs in nonresidential zoning districts require a permit approved by the Zoning Administrator.
      (2)   There shall be a maximum of three permits issued per calendar year for such attention-getting devices, with each permit not exceeding 14 days. Permits may be issued consecutively.
      (3)   Inflatable attention-getting devices or searchlights. Inflatable attention-getting devices, including air dancers or searchlights, are permitted one time per calendar year, for no more than seven days at a time. Such devices shall not be installed on a rooftop. The permit may be issued in conjunction with the attention-getting device permit or as a separate permit. When issued separately, it shall be counted as one of the three allowable permits.
      (4)   Temporary signs at places of worship, schools, community service organizations, or other similar institutions are permitted to be displayed only for a period of 30 days, up to six times per year.
      (5)   Location. Signs may be displayed on property owned or controlled by the sponsoring organization or on private property, with the permission of the owner.
      (6)   Number.  The total number of signs on private property shall not exceed ten.
      (7)   Size.  Temporary signs in nonresidential zoning districts shall be limited to 16 square feet if located on the public right-of-way or a residential lot, and 32 square feet if located on the sponsor’s property or on a commercial lot.
      (8)   Feather signs.  Feather signs maybe located on properties in nonresidential districts a total of 16 times per calendar a year; except that they are not allowed in the C-4 District or the Historic District,
   (B)   Temporary signs in residential zoning districts.  Temporary signs on residential properties in residential zoning districts shall meet the following requirements (no permit or fee required).
      (1)   In residential districts, yard signs shall not exceed eight square feet in area per sign, and six feet in height.
      (2)   Two yard signs are allowed per street frontage.
      (3)   Yard signs shall be a minimum of five feet from any property line
      (4)   Yard signs shall not create a hazard for any person or property.
      (5)   Yards signs placed in reference to construction work on premises must be in connection with an active, approved building permit, and shall be removed no later than ten days after expiration of the final approval inspection, or issuance of an occupancy permit, whichever occurs first.
      (6)   Yard signs placed subject to the sale or rental of a property shall be removed no later than seven days after a sale, rental or lease agreement has been signed for the subject property.
(Ord. 21-020, passed 8-18-21)  Penalty, see § 155.99