The following signs are prohibited in all areas of the city.
   (A)   Animated or moving sign. Any sign or part of a sign that changes physical position or light intensity by any movement or rotation, or that gives the appearance of such movement or rotation. This includes, but is not limited to, flashing, blinking, scrolling, chasing, animated signs, trivision and video. Electronic message centers meeting the requirements of §155.08(J) are exempt from this requirement.
   (B)   Attention-getting devices.  These include searchlights, pennants, banners, propellers, spinners, streamers, balloons and similar devices.
   (C)   Roof signs.  Any sign wholly constructed or maintained on the top of the roof or attached to a wall and projecting above the roof line. A sign located on a mansard facade shall not be considered to be a roof sign.
   (D)   Perimeter or border window lighting.  Lighting installed either internally or externally around the partial or full perimeter or border of a window; except that static, indirect lighting shall be allowed. However, temporary perimeter or border window lighting that is clearly decorative in nature and incidental to a commercial purpose displayed during commonly recognized national, state or local holiday season, shall be exempted from this provision for a period of 14 days after the recognized holiday date.
   (E)   Off-premises signs.
   (F)   Pole signs.
(Ord. 21-020, passed 8-18-21)  Penalty, see § 155.99