Districts Generally And Zoning Map
1168.01   Establishment of districts.
1168.02   Open Area Districts.
1168.03   Residential Districts
1168.04   Business Districts.
1168.05   Industrial Districts.
1168.06   Zoning District Map.
1168.07   Determination of district boundary lines.
   Division of municipal corporations into zones - see Ohio R.C. 713.06
   Restrictions on buildings, structures, lots and setbacks - see Ohio R.C. 713.07 et seq.
   Restrictions on height of buildings and structures - see Ohio R.C. 713.08
   Restrictions on bulk and location of buildings and structures, percentage of lot occupancy and setback building lines - see Ohio R. C. 713.09
   Basis of districting or zoning, classification of buildings and structures - see Ohio R.C. 713.10
   Interpretation of Zoning District Map - see P. & Z. 1164.11
   Table of Permitted and Conditional Uses - see P. & Z. 1170.01