Use Regulations
1170.01   Table of Permitted and Conditional Uses; interpretation.
   Restrictions on buildings, structures, lots and setbacks - see Ohio R.C. 713.07 et seq.
   Restrictions on height of buildings and structures - see Ohio R.C. 713.08
   Restrictions on bulk and location of buildings and structures, percentage of lot occupancy and setback building lines - see Ohio R.C. 713.09
   Exempted uses - see P. & Z. 1160.05
   Duties of Board of Zoning Appeals re conditional uses - see P. & Z. 1164.09
   Discontinued uses - see P. & Z. 1176.03
   Conditional uses not to be considered nonconforming - see P. & Z. 1176.06
   Joint use of off-street parking areas - see P. & Z. 1182.02(c)