(A)   Permitted uses.  The following uses are permitted by right.
      (1)   Retail uses (provided, however, no single retail use with greater than 5,000 square feet of gross floor area shall be permitted).
         (a)   Antique store;
         (b)   Arts and crafts store;
         (c)   Bakeries (retail/nondistributor);
         (d)   Beauty supply stores;
         (e)   Bicycle store;
         (f)   Book and stationery store, cards, gift-wrap, boxes, sales (excluding adult establishments);
         (g)   Camera shop;
         (h)   Clock shop;
         (i)   Clothing store;
         (j)   Computer service store;
         (k)   Convenience store;
         (l)   Copy service;
         (m)   Curtain and drape store;
         (n)   Delicatessen;
         (o)   Dressmaking shop;
         (p)   Drugstore;
         (q)   Dry cleaning (pickup and delivery only);
         (r)   Dry goods shop;
         (s)   Florist and gift shop;
         (t)   Floor covering, lighting, wallpaper, paint and window covering stores;
         (u)   Food catering service;
         (v)   Food store;
         (w)   Furniture store;
         (x)   Furrier;
         (y)   Hardware store;
         (z)   Hobby shop;
         (aa)   Household goods shop;
         (bb)   Jewelry and jewelry repair;
         (cc)   Key shop;
         (dd)   Linen shop;
         (ee)   Luggage and leather store;
         (ff)   Medical supply store;
         (gg)   Music store;
         (hh)   Notion and fabric store;
         (ii)   Office supply and equipment shop;
         (jj)   Pet store;
         (kk)   Postal store;
         (ll)   Publicly operated alcohol beverage control (ABC) store;
         (mm)   Restaurant (excluding fast-food and drive-in restaurant);
         (nn)   Second-hand shop (excluding pawn shop);
         (oo)   Shoe store;
         (pp)   Shoe repair shop;
         (qq)   Sporting goods and trophy shop;
         (rr)   Tailor and alteration shop;
         (ss)   Toy store;
         (tt)   Variety and department store;
         (uu)   Video rental and sales shop (excluding adult establishments);
         (vv)   Shopping centers, Class A provided the shopping center does not exceed 10,000 square feet in gross floor area and no single store within the shopping center shall exceed 5,000 square feet in gross floor area; and
         (ww)   Office buildings containing a maximum gross floor area of 15,000 square feet or less.
      (2)   Services.
         (a)   Art and photography studio (excluding adult establishments);
         (b)   Automobile parking lot;
         (c)   Automobile wash establishment (self-service);
         (d)   Banks;
         (e)   Barber shop;
         (f)   Beauty shop;
         (g)   Bed and breakfast inn;
         (h)   Branch library;
         (i)   Churches;
         (j)   Commercial schools providing training in any of the arts, sciences, trades or professions, conducted entirely indoors, with up to 100 enrolled students;
         (k)   Community centers and publicly owned outdoor recreation facilities;
         (l)   Day care centers and small group day care centers;
         (m)   Essential services, Classes I and II;
         (n)   Exterminator service;
         (o)   Film processing shop;
         (p)   Finance company;
         (q)   Fitness and tanning salon and private nonprofit primarily indoor sports and fitness and similar recreation facilities (e.g., YMCA, YWCA, Boys Clubs, Girls Clubs, Optimist and the like);
         (r)   Interior decorating service;
         (s)   Laundromat;
         (t)   Library;
         (u)   Locksmith;
         (v)   Medical clinic;
         (w)   Office-business, professional and public;
         (x)   Opticians and optical services;
         (y)   Post office;
         (z)   Public safety station;
         (aa)   Recycling depository station where all deposited materials are stored indoors or in closed bins; and
         (bb)   Travel agency.
      (3)   Other uses.
         (a)   Customary home occupations in a nonconforming residential structure in accordance with § 153.045 of this chapter;
         (b)   Accessory structures in accordance with § 153.057 of this chapter;
         (c)   Signs in accordance with §§ 153.160 through 153.172 of this chapter; and
         (d)   Off-street parking and loading in accordance with §§ 153.185 through 153.188 of this chapter.
   (B)   Conditional uses.  The following uses may be allowed upon the issuance of a conditional use permit by the City Council in accordance with §§ 153.235 through 153.244 of this chapter.
      (1)   Retail uses.
         (a)   Restaurants, fast food;
         (b)   Shopping centers, Class A;
         (c)   Office buildings containing over 15,000 square feet; and
         (d)   Tavern.
      (2)   Services.
         (a)   Animal hospitals;
         (b)   Auction houses, conducted indoors (excluding livestock auctions);
         (c)   Commercial schools, providing training in any of the arts, sciences, trades or professions, conducted entirely indoors, with over 100 enrolled students;
         (d)   Tavern;
         (e)   Taxidermist; and
         (f)   Mini warehouses.
      (3)   Other.
         (a)   Planned unit developments (mixed use) in accordance with § 153.216 of this chapter and provided the uses within the development are otherwise listed as permitted or conditional uses allowed in the N-B District and any Residential (R) District;
         (b)   Family care homes;
         (c)   Child advocacy center; and
         (d)   Accessory apartments in commercial structures provided all building and fire codes are met.
   (C)   Yard requirements.
         (a)   Minimum lot size:  none.
         (b)   Minimum lot width:  70 feet (as measured at the required front setback).
         (c)   Minimum front setback:  30 feet (as measured from the edge of the street right-of-way).
         (d)   Minimum side setback:  ten feet, except 20 feet shall be required on all corner lots and lots which abut a Residential (R) District.
         (e)   Minimum rear setback:  20 feet.
         (f)   Maximum building height:  40 feet, except as permitted in § 153.054 of this chapter.
   (D)   Screening and landscaping.
      (1)   Screening, when required by § 153.046(A) of this chapter, shall be installed pursuant to § 153.046 of this chapter.
      (2)   Where applicable, landscaping shall be provided in accordance with § 153.047 of this chapter.
(Prior UDO, § 7.8)  (Ord. ZTA-2-2010, passed 6-3-2010; Ord. ZTA-2-2011, passed 7-11-2011; Ord. ZTA-4-2016, passed 7-7-2016)  Penalty, see § 153.999