6-1-1: Definition Of Terms
6-1-2: Rabies Control
6-1-3: Animal Restrictions
6-1-4: Vicious Animals
6-1-5: Reporting Of Found Animals
6-1-6: Animal Waste And Odor
6-1-7: Impoundment And Disposition
6-1-8: Animal Care
6-1-9: Licenses And Permits
6-1-10: Exotic/Special Condition Animals
6-1-11: Enforcement, Authority, And Penalties
It is the public policy of Lincoln County to encourage, secure, and enforce those animal control measures deemed desirable and necessary for the protection of human health and safety, and to the degree practicable, to prevent injury to property and cruelty to animal life. To this end, it is the purpose of this chapter to provide a means of regulating the keeping of animals, impounding animals, and controlling animal behavior so that it shall not constitute a nuisance or danger to human or other animal life and safety and to prevent or curtail cruelty to animals.