Prior to the paving, repairing or resurfacing of any street or public ground, the City Engineer shall cause notices to be sent to all abutting property owners requiring them to install any necessary water or sewer service branches. Notice shall also be sent to all public utility corporations and City departments to install all necessary mains, conduits, service branches and structures. Property owners, public utility corporations and City departments shall he allowed the necessary and legal time required for the aforesaid installations before the new pavement is laid. Thereafter, for three years from the final completion and acceptance of the new pavement, no permit for making an opening in such pavement shall be issued by the City except by express authority in each case from the City Engineer, which authority shall be exercised only for reasons of public necessity or of undue private hardship where the necessity for the opening arises from causes over which the applicant had no control. Lack of foresight in not installing service connections prior to the laying of a new pavement shall not be considered an adequate reason for abrogation of the three-year restriction.
(1956 Code Sec. 301.08)