If at any time the office of Mayor is vacant by reason of non-election, death, resignation, removal from office in any way except by recall election, removal of residence from the City, or from any other cause whatsoever, such vacancy shall be filled by the President of Council for the unexpired term, provided however, that in the event that a written declination of his right to assume said office be presented to the Council by the President of Council within thirty (30) days after the occurrence of the vacancy or in the event that the President of Council does not qualify for the office of Mayor within said thirty (30) days period, the Council may thereupon appoint a Mayor to serve for the balance of the unexpired term.
   When the Mayor is absent from the City, or is unable for any cause to perform his duties the President of Council shall be the Acting Mayor.
   Council may make an appointment of an Acting Mayor whenever such need arises. Such Acting Mayor whether an incumbent of the office of President of Council or any other person, shall be entitled to receive compensation, as determined by ordinance of Council, for such duties which shall be in addition to any other compensation which he may be entitled to receive as a Municipal official. (Amended 11-6-62)