(A)   No restriction is placed upon the residency of any employee or officer of the City,  any provision of this Charter to the contrary notwithstanding, except as the Council may otherwise specifically provide by ordinance; provided that all elected officers of the City of Lima shall be residents and electors of the City for at least six (6) months before the last date on which nominating petitions can be filed in accordance with this Charter, and they shall maintain such residency and qualification as an elector at all times thereafter and during their terms of office. Any elected official who fails to maintain residency and qualification as an elector during their term of office shall forfeit the office.
   (B)   The residency and elector requirement for elected officers shall not apply to any person who is appointed to fill a vacancy in an elected office, for a period not to exceed six months from the date of appointment.
   (C)   All employees of the City of Lima, whether residents of the City or not, shall pay Municipal Income tax to the City, as a condition of their employment, irrespective of  their place of residence. 
   (D)   No person elected or appointed to any elective office of the City shall, during the incumbency in the office to which the person has been elected or appointed, be appointed to any other office under the City. (Amended 11-5-74; 5-7-13)