Local construction costs of the wastewater treatment facility will be recovered through a debt service charge calculated using usage and connection as follows:
   (A)   Calculation of debt service unit cost for wastewater volume.
   Uds = Cds
         Uds   =   Unit cost for debt service in $/l,000 gal.
         Cds    =    Cost of annual debt service
         Tbwv    =   Total annual billable wastewater volume in 1,000 gal.
   (B)   Calculation of debt service billable connection cost.
   UD = CDC
         Uq    =   Unit billable connection cost for debt service
         CDC    =    Cost of annual debt service assigned for connections
         Tc       =   Total number of billable connections
   (C)   Calculation of debt service charge.
   Dc = Uds x bwv + (Up x U)
         Dc   =   Debt service charge
         Uds   =    Unit cost for debt service in $/l,000 gal
         bwv    =    Billable wastewater volume of a particular user in 1,000 gal
         UD       =    Unit billable connection cost
         U         =    Number of billable connections for a particular user
(Ord. 407, passed 12-26-1989)