The charges assessed residential users and those users of other classes discharging normal domestic strength wastewater shall be established proportionately according to billable wastewater volume. Billable wastewater volume shall be calculated as follows.
   (A)   Residential users.
      (1)   Billable wastewater volume for residential users shall be calculated on the basis of metered water usage. The monthly billable wastewater volume shall be equal to monthly metered water usage.
      (2)   The city may require residential users to install water meters for the purpose of determining billable wastewater volume.
   (B)   Nonresidential users.
      (1)   The billable wastewater volume of nonresidential users will be determined in same manner as for residential users.
      (2)   The city may, at its discretion, require nonresidential users to install additional water meters or wastewater flow meters as may be necessary to determine billable wastewater volume.
   (C)   Industrial users.  The billable wastewater volume of industrial users will be determined on 100% of the metered water usage as recorded throughout the year or calculated on the basis of wastewater flow meter. In addition, the billable wastewater loading above normal domestic wastewater strength (222 mg/l BOD and 260 mg/l TSS) will be determined by testing the concentrations of BOD and TSS being discharged from the industries.
(Ord. 407, passed 12-26-1989)