§ 53.066  PERMIT; BOND.
   A permit to make a service connection with public sewers shall not be issued to any person until a $2,000 bond or a $500 cash bond payable to the city is filed with City Clerk conditioned that the permittee will indemnify and save harmless the city from all suits, accidents and damage that may arise by reason of any opening in any street, alley or public ground, made by the permittee or by those in the permittee's employment for any purpose whatever, and that the permittee will replace and restore the street and alley over the opening to the condition existing prior to installation, adequately guard with barricades and lights and will keep and maintain the same to the satisfaction of the City Administrator or designee, and shall conform in all respects to the rules and regulations of the Council relative thereto, and pay all fines that may be imposed on the permittee by law.
(Ord. 408, passed 12-26-1989; Ord. 560, passed 11-28-2016)