(A)   Upon receipt of a requisition for $2,500 or more, the purchasing agent or properly authorized departmental employee shall obtain quotes from at least three suppliers who can meet the requirements of the requisition.  If the purchasing agent believes in good faith that the three quotes obtained are insufficient or has an articulable reason to believe there may be a better price, he or she may seek or direct that more than three quotes are necessary.  If the probable cost exceeds $50,000, refer to § 131.07 titled "Formal Bidding." If the cost is less than $50,000, the purchase may be awarded to the lowest and best quote among the informal bidders. The purpose of the executed purchase order is the city's order authorizing the vendor to deliver the specified supplies, services or construction and that unencumbered money has been duly appropriated by the City Council and that such monies are available to satisfy the city's obligations relative to the purchase. Information contained on the purchase order shall be stated clearly to correspond with vendors' information. Only the Finance Department shall prepare purchase orders. The City Manager shall  promulgate and adopt rules and discipline in order to enforce this policy. It is the stated intent of this policy and this chapter to obtain for the city the lowest prices for all purchases and to avoid any opportunity for favoritism toward any supplier or collusion with any supplier, to the detriment of the city.
   (B)   If the purchasing agent or authorized member of any department cannot obtain three quotes after reasonable attempt for any order, then he or she shall document the circumstances of the efforts to obtain such quotes and shall forward this document to the Finance Department for attachment to the purchase order and the purchasing agent shall award the order to the lowest and best vendor to supply a quote.
(Ord. 9626, passed 11-27-07; Am. Ord. 2015-006, passed 1-27-15)