(A)   Membership/Name.  There is hereby established a Shade Tree Commission.  The Shade Tree Commission shall consist of seven members appointed by Council in accordance with § 129.03 of this chapter.  The Shade Tree Commission shall report to the Parks and Recreation Committee of City Council.
   (B)   Purpose.  The Shade Tree Commission shall research, investigate and benchmark parks, open spaces, landscaping and the planting, care and preservation of trees and shall recommend programs for consideration by City Council.
   (C)   Duties.  The Shade Tree Commission shall:
      (1)   Review and inventory all parks and open space within the city, including location, size, condition and benefit to the community.
      (2)   Research literature, experts, and other sources to determine current best practices for maintenance and development of city parks and open spaces and for landscaping and tree care.
      (3)   Study the practices of other municipalities for ideas and benchmark the city’s status against the best of other locations.
      (4)   Network with citizens to solicit ideas and measure public opinion regarding the city’s parks and open spaces.
      (5)   Identify areas of need for parks or open spaces in the city and identify parcels for use for parks and open spaces.
      (6)   Formulate recommendations for long- term development and care of the city’s parks, open spaces, landscaping and trees.
      (7)   Perform such other duties that Council may from time to time define in writing for the Commission.
   (D)   Resources.  The City Manager shall provide reasonable staff resources to facilitate the duties of the Shade Tree Commission.  Reimbursement for Commission member travel expenses may be considered for pre-approved research and benchmarking.
(Ord. 6767, passed 8-25-92; Am. Ord. 7731, passed 11-9-99; Am. Ord. 8015, passed 12-28-00)