Advisory boards established by Council in accordance with the authority of § 8.11 of the Charter shall follow the following process and rules:
   (A)   Purpose/Duties.  The purpose(s), duties and term of existence of each advisory board shall be identified and defined in legislation establishing each advisory board.
   (B)   Term of Office.  The term of office of each member appointed by Council to each advisory board shall be periods of four years.  Members appointed to serve on an advisory board shall be qualified electors of the city and submit a written request to be appointed.  No person may serve on more than one advisory board or hold elective city office at the same time.  Vacancies due to resignations, loss of eligibility, removal or for any other reason shall be filled by Council within 60 calendar days and appointments shall be for the unexpired term.  Members shall serve at the pleasure of Council.  The formation of a new board/commission will consist of a minimum of five individuals whose terms will be staggered one for one- year, two for two-years, one for three-years and one for four-years.
   (C)   Relations with Council.  Each advisory board shall report to and advise a standing committee of Council designated in the legislation establishing the board.  The Council member serving as chair of the standing committee of Council shall serve as an ex-officio member of all advisory boards.
   (D)   Reports.  Each advisory board shall submit a written report to Council at least twice each year describing its activities, recommendations, and accomplishment of programs.
   (E)   Officers.  Each advisory board shall select a chairperson and secretary from among its members to serve terms of one year each.  The election shall take place at the first meeting each year.  The secretary of each advisory board shall prepare the minutes of each meeting.  The minutes shall be filed with the office of the City Manager and copied to the City Council.
   (F)   Regular Meetings.  Each advisory board shall meet each month after normal business hours on a designated weekday except the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.  All meetings shall be open to the public and held at a public facility.  A majority of the board members shall constitute a quorum at all meetings.
   (G)   Special Meetings.  The chairperson may call a special meeting and the secretary of the board shall have a notice of the special meeting delivered to each board member and the City Manager at least 48 hours prior to the special meeting.  Only matters set forth in the notice of the meeting shall be discussed at the special meeting.
   (H)   Procedure.  Except as set forth herein, Robert’s Rules of Order shall apply to the conduct of all meetings of advisory boards.
   (I)   This section shall have no effect upon the Library Board or other boards as may be established by the Charter.
(Am. Ord. 6139, passed 11-24-87; Am. Ord. 7730, passed 11-9-99; Am. Ord. 2015-003, passed 2-10-15)