(A)   The Department of Service shall be under the direction of the Deputy City Manager, who shall serve and be known as the Director of Service, and who shall be accountable to the City Manager. He or she shall perform duties as set forth in §§ 113.05 and 113.06 and be responsible for the following duties:
      (1)   Administer the collection, processing, and distribution of utility billing information. Set up all new utility accounts and close inactive accounts.
      (2)   Administer utility disconnection notices and utility termination.
      (3)   Direct Service Work Orders to the appropriate department and track progress.
      (4)   Maintain all utility and applicable permitting information.
      (5)   Process comprehensive and building permits for activity in the city.
      (6)   Oversee the building maintenance personnel and all associated responsibilities.
      (7)   Oversee the city's recreation program.
   (B)   The Department of Service shall include the following divisions:
      (1)   Division of Electric.
      (2)   Division of Water and Wastewater.
      (3)   Division of Public Works.
      (4)   Division of Engineering Services.
      (5)   Division of Telecommunications.
      (6)   Division of Information Technology.
(Am. Ord. 5207, passed 4-22-80; Am. Ord. 6139, passed 11-24-87; Am. Ord. 8755, passed 6-10-03)