(A)   Applicable.  This rate is available to all single phase, commercial and industrial customers with less than 50kWD of average monthly demand through one meter.
   (B)   Character of service.  120/240 volt, 3 wire, single phase, alternating current, 60 hertz, or as covered in division (J) of this section.
   (C)   Rate. 
      (1)   Customer service charges:
$15.00 per meter per month
      (2)   Energy charges:
First 165 kilowatt hours per
   kilowatt-demand   $0.0800 per kWH
Next 85 kilowatt-hours per
   kilowatt-demand   $0.0700 per kWH
Over 250 kilowatt-hour per
   kilowatt-demand   $0.0400 per kWH
      (3)   Demand charges:
First 5 kilowatt-demand or less   No charge
Next 20 kilowatt-demand   $7.00 per kWD
All over 25 kilowatt-demand   $9.00 per kWD
      (4)   Distribution charges:
First 1,000 kilowatt-hours   $0.0400 per kWH
Next 800 kilowatt-hours   $0.0350 per kWH
Over 1,800 kilowatt-hours   $0.0200 per kWH
   (D)   Power supply cost adjustment clause.  The above rates shall be adjusted in accordance with the power supply cost adjustment clause set forth in § 915.02 of this chapter.
   (E)   Tax adjustment clause. The above rate shall be adjusted in accordance with the tax adjustment clause set forth in § 915.04 of this chapter.
   (F)   Primary voltage service:  When service is supplied and metered at the option of the city at 7200 volts, the above computed charges shall be subject to a discount of 1%.
   (G)   Minimum monthly charge.  The minimum monthly bill shall not be less than the customer service charge.
   (H)   Service charge for delayed payment:  A penalty of 5% shall be added to all bills for which payment has not been received in the City Building by 5:00 p.m. on the due date printed on the bill. 
   (I)   Determination of billing demand:  The billing demand shall be the greatest 15-minute integrated demand ascertained in kilowatts by instruments suitable for the purpose, or at the option of the city the demand for billing purpose shall be determined by taking 85% of the total connected load in lighting, motors, heating and all other energy consuming devices.
   (J)   Terms and conditions. 
      (1)   When at the option of the city, a single consumer is served by both a single phase and a three phase meter at the same or contiguous service locations, the single phase meter will be charged at the general service rate - single phase (rate E2) and the three phase meter will be charged at the general service rate - three phase (rate E3).
      (2)   A minimum monthly contract service charge and a minimum contract term may be established by the city to consumers having abnormal demand requirements (less than 150 hr. use of max. demand per month).
      (3)   If a consumer has low power factor (less than 90% lagging) at about the time of maximum demand, then such power factor shall be corrected by the consumer at his or her expense upon the written request of the city within 60 days of such request, or the city shall increase the total bill by 1% for each 5% the power factor is below 90%. Such determination shall be used for each subsequent billing until the consumer has notified the city in writing that the power factor has been corrected to at least 90% at the time of maximum demand and the city has verified the improvement by test.
      (4)   A consumer may be served from any one of the following alternating current, 60-cycle distribution systems, where and as available and at the option of the city.
         (a)   Secondary metering at 120/240 volt, 1 phase;
         (b)   Primary metering at 7,200 volt.
      (5)   The city reserves the right to utilize at its discretion kilovolt ampere and/or reactive kilovolt ampere meters in those metering installations where the customer’s power factor is believed to be on a continuing basis unsatisfactory according to city standards and in the event of such installation the kilowatt billing demand may be computed from such instruments using 90% power factor for conversion.
      (6)   When unusual construction costs, in the opinion of the city, are involved to supply the required service, the city may require a contract term of one or more years in order to properly amortize the “extra” costs of construction.
      (7)   All electric service of the city is rendered under and subject to the general services rules and regulations of the city as amended from time to time, including the emergency and temporary surcharge clause set forth in § 915.03 of this chapter.
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