The Department of Law shall be under the direction of the City Attorney. In addition to the City Attorney, there may be one or more assistant City Attorneys who shall serve as City Prosecutors in the Lebanon Municipal Court. All such attorneys shall be licensed to practice law in Ohio. The City Attorney shall perform duties as required by the Charter and provided for in §§ 113.05 and 113.06, and the following:
   (A)   Attend all meetings of Council and when requested he or she shall attend meetings of Council committees, boards and commissions.
   (B)   Provide legal services to Council, the City Manager, the City Auditor, boards and commissions, and the administrative officers and departments on all matters of law involving the city, and Council members, officers and departments in the performance of their official duties.
   (C)   Draft or approve all ordinances, contracts, terms and conditions of purchase, resolutions and other documents of a legal nature to be made and entered into by the city, and approve the form thereof.
   (D)   Represent the city before all courts sitting within the state in actions at law in which the city is a party.
   (E)   Assist in the preparation of documents and transcripts for the issuance of bonds and notes of the city.
   (F)   Participate in negotiations.
(Am. Ord. 6139, passed 11-24-87)