(A)   Definition.
      (1)   A PRIVATE FIRE HYDRANT is defined as any hydrant not located in the public right-of-way or a public easement.
      (2)   A map of all private fire hydrants shall be maintained by the Director of Public Works. The map shall be updated when a private fire hydrant(s) is added or removed from the water system, but not less than annually.
   (B)   Installation. All private fire hydrants shall be installed in compliance with the Lebanon Land Development Design & Construction Standards Manual (LDDCSM).
      (1)   Unobstructed access to fire hydrants shall be maintained at all times. The Fire Department shall not be deterred or hindered from gaining immediate access to fire protection equipment or fire hydrants.
      (2)   Clear space around hydrants. A three-foot clear space shall be maintained around the circumference of fire hydrants except as otherwise required or approved in writing by the City of Lebanon.
      (3)   Physical protection. Where fire hydrants are subject to impact by a motor vehicle, guard posts or other approved means shall be installed and approved by the City Fire Marshall.
   (C)   Inspection, testing and maintenance. Fire hydrant systems shall be subject to periodic tests as required by the City Fire Marshall. Fire hydrant systems shall be maintained in an operative condition at all times and shall be repaired where defective. Additions, repairs, alterations and servicing shall comply with approved standards.
      (1)   The city shall have the right to enter at any reasonable time any property served by a connection to the Lebanon water system for the purpose of inspecting the private fire protection system. Upon demand, the owner, lessees or occupants of any property so served shall furnish to the city information regarding the piping system or systems of water use on such property.
      (2)   Prior to the installation or testing of any device, the owner or any person doing work shall verify that a permit has been issued by the city for the work. (Work started or testing performed before a permit has been issued will be subject to double permit fees.)
      (3)   Each permit holder shall notify the city when ready for testing of any newly-installed hydrant(s). Such notice shall be given two working days in advance of the requested inspection or test. (Notice given on a Friday or a day prior to a legal holiday shall not constitute notice for inspection on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday.) Test inspection requests shall be made before 9:00 a.m. to the Department of Service at least two days prior to inspection. Tests will be performed between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Each request shall state the type of inspections, address, company name and permit number.
      (4)   Each private hydrant shall be inspected annually, and after each operation, by the City of Lebanon Water Department.
      (5)   If a defect in the private fire hydrant is found during an inspection the property owner shall immediately notify the City of Lebanon and affect repairs to the hydrant.
   (D)   Fees. A charge of $2/month/private fire hydrant shall be added to the customer's monthly utility bill to cover the cost of the annual inspections and administration.
   (E)   Enforcement. It shall be the duty of the City Fire Marshall or designee to enforce the provisions of this section. Whenever the Fire Marshall or designee determines that there has been a violation of any provision of this code, he or she shall give notice of such violation to the person responsible therefor as hereinafter provided. Such notice and order shall:
      (1)   Be put in writing;
      (2)   Include a description of the hydrant sufficient for identification;
      (3)   Include a list of defects and order remedial action which, if taken, will effect compliance with these provisions;
      (4)   Specify a reasonable time for performance;
      (5)   Be served upon the owner, operator or occupant in person. However, such notice and order shall be deemed to be properly served upon such person if a copy thereof is sent by registered mail and delivered to his or her last known address. If the notice is returned showing that the letter was not delivered, a copy thereof shall be sent to the last known address by ordinary U.S. Mail and posted in a conspicuous place in or about the structure affected by such notice;
      (6)   Include a statement of the city's right to file a lien in accordance with § 1323.05.
   (F)   Penalty.
      (1)   Whoever violates any provision of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree and fined not more than $100. Every day such violation continues shall constitute a separate offense.
      (2)   Whoever fails, neglects or refuses to obey an order of the City Fire Marshall, or designee, as provided in § 911.04 shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree and fined not more than $100.
      (3)   Due to a failure to obey an order of the City Fire Marshall, or designee, which results in the city taking action to bring the property into compliance by either hiring a contractor or performing the work internally, an administrative charge of $30 shall be included in the compliance invoice submitted to the property owner.
(Ord. 2017-014, passed 2-28-17)