(A)   As a minimum the technical performance standards as currently contained in Subpart K of the FCC Cable Television Service Rules and Regulations must be met by the grantee’s system. After due notice the city reserves the right to adopt more precise and/or rigid standards.
   (B)   The grantee shall render prompt and efficient service and repairs, and shall voluntarily interrupt service only for good cause and for the shortest time possible. Such interruptions, insofar as possible, shall be preceded by notice and shall occur during periods of minimum use.
   (C)   Without additional charges to subscribers, the grantee shall maintain its facilities in good working order and repair. Any verbal, telephonic, or written complaint relating to the quality or continuity of service shall be attended to within a normal service interval. In the event that such complaints are not responded to, or service is not restored to the levels required by the FCC during such normal service interval, the subscriber shall be entitled to a rebate of one-thirtieth of his or her monthly service fee for each day or part thereof between the end of the normal service interval and the time service is restored to such standards.
(Ord. 5258, passed 10-28-80)  Penalty, see § 725.99