(A)   When streets and highways leading into the municipality are posted with signs warning operators of vehicles used for the transportation of goods or property of weight limits and designated routes, such operators must follow state or truck routes, temporary or permanent.
   (B)   The operator of a vehicle exceeding such weight limits, upon entering the municipality on a street other than a state or truck route, shall proceed immediately by the shortest way possible to the nearest state or truck route leading in the direction in which such vehicle is proceeding, except as otherwise provided in § 339.02.
   (C)   The operator of a vehicle carrying explosives or hazardous materials as defined by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio or the regulations of the United States Department of Transportation shall operate his or her vehicle only on the streets and highways designated as truck routes, except for deliveries. The operator of a vehicle carrying explosives or hazardous materials may deliver or pick up property at locations off truck routes provided such vehicles are operated to affect the least amount of travel possible on such streets other than truck routes.
(Am. Ord. 6198, passed 4-12-88)  Penalty, see § 339.99