335.01   Driver or commercial driver’s license required
   335.02   Possession of more than one license prohibited
   335.03   Driving with temporary instruction permit without licensed driver
   335.04   Certain acts prohibited
   335.05    Restrictions against owner lending vehicle for use of another
   335.06   Display of license
   335.07   Driving under suspension or revocation [Reserved]
   335.071   Driving under suspension or in violation of license restriction
   335.072   Operating motor vehicle or motorcycle without valid license
   335.073   Driving under OVI suspension
   335.074   Driving under financial responsibility law suspension or cancellation; driving under a nonpayment of judgment suspension
   335.075   Failure to reinstate license
   335.08   Operation or sale without certificate of title
   335.09   Display of license plates
   335.10   License plates to be unobstructed
   335.11   Use of illegal license plates
   335.111   Operating without license plates
   335.12   Failure to stop after accident
   335.13   Stopping after accident on other than public roads or highways
   335.14   Vehicle accident resulting in damage to realty
   335.15   Prohibition against permitting minor to drive vehicle
   335.16   Removal of vehicles after accidents
   335.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Driver’s license law, see R.C. Chapter 4507
   Motor vehicle licensing law, see R.C. Chapter 4503
   Power of trial court to suspend license for certain violations, see R.C. §§ 4507.16 and 4507.021
   State accident reports, see R.C. §§  4509.06 et seq., 4509.74, 5502.11 et seq.
   State point system suspension, see R.C. § 4507.021