No one shall throw or deposit or permit to be thrown or deposited in any receptacle connected with a public sewer, garbage, hair, ashes, fruit or vegetables, peelings or refuse, rags or cotton, distilled mash, grape skins, grease or oil from automobiles, or any other matter or thing whatever; except feces, urine, the necessary closet paper and liquid house waste, and domestic garbage processed by a garbage disposal unit approved by the Plumbing Inspector, any flammable or explosive liquid, solid or gas, and any toxic or poisonous liquid, solid or gas, in sufficient quantity to upset the sewage treatment process, constitute a hazard to humans or animals, create a public nuisance, or create any hazard in the receiving waters of the sewage treatment plant.
(Prior Code, § 14-203)  (Ord. 850-92, passed 11-16-1992)  Penalty, see § 10.99