§ 10.01  SHORT TITLES.
   (A)   All ordinances of a permanent and general nature of the city as revised, codified, rearranged, renumbered, and consolidated into component codes, titles, chapters, and sections shall be known and designated as the Lawrenceburg Code, for which designation "codified ordinances" or "code" may be substituted.  Code, title, chapter, and section headings do not constitute any part of the law as contained in the code.
(KRS 446.140)  ('60 Code, § 1-1)
   (B)   All references to codes, titles, chapters, and sections are to such components of the code unless otherwise specified.  Any component code may be referred to and cited by its name, such as the "traffic code".  Sections may be referred to and cited by the designation "§" followed by the number, such as "§ 10.01".  Headings and captions used in this code other than the title, chapter, and section numbers, are employed for reference purposes only and shall not be deemed a part of the text of any section.
('60 Code, § 1-3)