§ 96.18  REPAIR.
   (A)   Consultation with City Engineer.  When any sidewalk within the city becomes out of repair and it is necessary to make repair according to § 96.17, consultation shall be made with the City Engineer.  No sidewalk block made at the time of the original construction shall be cut in order to save a part of the original block at the time of repair.  The entire block shall be replaced.
   (B)   Procedure for determination. When any sidewalk within the city is or becomes out of repair so as to render it unsafe, unfit or inconvenient for passage by pedestrians, the Board of Public Works and Safety shall notify the owners of the abutting property of the defect in such sidewalk, and in the event it is not repaired, relaid or replaced as directed within a reasonable time, not to exceed 30 days, the Board shall present a resolution to the Common Council ordering such sidewalk improved as provided by the laws of the state, this code and any other applicable ordinances of the city, and the Council shall take such action as it shall deem proper.  For the purpose and within the purview of this section, the determination of the Board of Public Works and Safety as to the necessity of the repair, relaying or replacing of any such sidewalk to render it safe, fit or convenient for passage by pedestrians shall be conclusive so far as the city is concerned.
(`94 Code, § 95.18)