8-1-3: FEES:
   A.   Service Rates And Connection Fees:
      1.   For purposes of this title, "delinquency related fees" shall include, but not be limited to, any and all utility service late fees, notice processing fees, reconnection fees, and/or collection fees and costs assessed against a user of utility services for late payment and nonpayment of utility charges.
      2.   Culinary water rates, delinquency related fees, connection fees, reservoir fees, inspection fees, and other charges incidental to connection to and service from the city's culinary water system shall be fixed from time to time by resolution of the city council. The city council may, from time to time, promulgate rules for levying, billing, guaranteeing and collecting charges for culinary water service, and may establish other rules necessary for the management and control of the culinary water system. Rates for services furnished shall be uniform with respect to each class or classes of service established or that may hereafter be established. (Ord. 2007-33, 12-19-2007)
   B.   Special Rates: The city council may, from time to time and upon such terms and conditions as it may deem proper under the circumstances, fix special rates and conditions for users:
      1.   Temporarily connecting to and using culinary water from the city's water system, pursuant to the terms of a resolution adopted by the city pursuant to the provisions of subsection 8-1-2C of this chapter, provided that at no time may such connection be allowed to exist for a period of sufficient length as to result in a violation of the city's contracts or agreements with other entities providing utility service to the city and its residents and businesses (including, but not limited to, the Washington County water conservancy district, the Washington County solid waste district, and Ash Creek special service district, and their successors) or an assessment thereby for services for the period of such temporary connection/disconnection; or
      2.   Using exceptionally large amounts of water service and/or making use of the water system under exceptional circumstances, as provided by applicable agreement with or resolution of the city. (Ord. 2010-08, 10-6-2010)
   C.   Complaints; Corrections:
      1.   City Manager: Any person or business having a complaint regarding the assessment and/or collection of a culinary water charge, or any deficiency related fee associated therewith, may submit a written request for relief to the city manager, who shall review the request within ten (10) business days and grant such relief as he deems necessary and proper, and in accordance with applicable state and local law.
      2.   City Council:
         a.   Any person or business aggrieved by a decision of the city manager under subsection C1 of this section may make application to appear before the city council to request relief.
         b.   The city council is hereby constituted a board of equalization of culinary water rates; to hear appeals from the decisions of the city manager and to correct any assessments deemed by the city council to be illegal, unequal or unjust.
         c.   In addition to any other relief provided by state law or local ordinance, the city council may, if and to the extent that it deems necessary and proper under the circumstances, rebate all or any part of the culinary water bill of any indigent person.
   D.   Water Availability Charge:
      1.   A water availability charge shall be assessed on all property for which city approval of plans (to develop a lot, plat or unit within any new development) is obtained.
      2.   The water availability charge shall be imposed for and during the period between the time of such approval and the time a building permit is issued or a connection is made to the city's water system.
      3.   The assessment shall be established by resolution, from time to time, for each proposed residential and commercial connection. Said fee will be assessed and billed by the city: a) on a monthly basis b) to the property owner who obtains such development approval.
      4.   The fee shall be subject to the delinquency and collection related fees (including a late fee) described in section 8-1-4 of this chapter and set by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 2007-33, 12-19-2007)