73.01   Stopping in streets generally
   73.02   Stop when traffic obstructed
   73.03   Emerging from alley or private driveway
   73.04   Unattended motor vehicles
   73.05   Prohibited in specified places
   73.06   Prohibited for certain purposes
   73.07   Primary purpose of advertising prohibited
   73.08   Moving of vehicles into prohibited areas
   73.09   Obstructing passage of other vehicles
   73.10   Left side to curb; one-way streets
   73.11   Parallel parking required generally
   73.12   Parking inside markings
   73.13   Angle parking
   73.14   Vehicles backed to curb
   73.15   Parking in prohibited zones generally
   73.16   Parking in alleys
   73.17   Lights on parked vehicles
   73.18   Moving from parked positions
   73.19   Parking of trucks over one and one-half tons
   73.20   Parking tank trucks
   73.21   Vehicles in excess of 80 inches
   73.22   Impoundment of standing or parked vehicles
   73.23   Blocking entrances, exits, ways and the like by parking
   73.24   Use of parking lots regulated
   73.99   Penalty