10.34.070   Exempt Signs and Sign Maintenance Activities.
   A.   Exempt Signs. The following signs shall not require approval of a sign application, provided that any such sign identified in this Section is erected and maintained in compliance with the provisions of this Chapter. The City has determined that such exemptions are appropriate, as the signs described in this Section are incidental to the identification of an allowed business or similar use of a property and are generally erected for purposes of providing information to the public that is temporary or seasonal in nature, assisting with the safe movement of persons and vehicles, and providing information that promotes general public health, safety, and welfare. Such signs or actions related to signs shall not be counted toward the allowable sign area for signs requiring permits or other discretionary approvals by the City.
      1.   Copy changes on an approved changeable copy sign.
      2.   Signs advertising a property for sale, lease, or rental, subject to the provisions set forth in Section 10.34.080 (Regulations for Exempt Signs), below.
      3.   Signs erected by a property undergoing construction or remodeling of an approved project, subject to the provisions set forth in Section 10.34.070 (Regulations for Exempt Signs), below.
      4.   Signs erected by a property management company on property it manages, provided that no such sign is greater than 12 square feet in area and no more than one such sign is placed on any one property.
      5.   Signs provided on a property for the purpose of directing safe vehicle and pedestrian movement on such property.
      6.   Signs on property where there is a yard sale taking place in compliance with Section 5.50.070(f) of the Municipal Code, and provided such signs comply with the provisions of Chapter 5.50.
      7.   Flags, provided that the flag is not greater than 24 square feet in area, the flagpole does not exceed the maximum building height permitted of the zone in which the flag is erected, and no more than two flags are flown.
      8.   Plaques or markers, as authorized and approved as to materials and size by the Council and installed by the City or an authorized entity, identifying a historic place or event.
      9.   Public utility signs identifying underground or aboveground facilities, cables, conduits, or potentially hazardous conditions, provided that such signs do not exceed six square feet in area.
      10.   Any sign required by an applicable Federal, State, or local law regulation or ordinance.
      11.   Seasonal and temporary holiday decorations, provided they are removed within 10 days following the end of the holiday.
      12.   Tivoli lights, provided they do not advertise goods or services for sale, lease, or rent.
      13.   Lights used as architectural accents on a structure and clearly not depicting a message or advertising a product or service.
      14.   Non-illuminated noncommercial message signs not exceeding 24 square feet in area and six feet in overall height, and placed a minimum distance of five feet from the property line.
      15.   Street address (number) signs, building identification signs, business tenant signs, and nameplates on residences and business locations, provided such signs do not exceed three square foot in area, are limited to one sign per property, and are pedestrian oriented.
      16.   Signs erected by a public agency that provide for the safe and efficient control of traffic and parking, or for the notification of essential government services.
      17.   Safety and emergency signs erected by a public agency.
      18.   Non-Commercial Signs.
   B.   Exempt Sign Maintenance Activities. The ordinary maintenance and minor repairs of signs that do not involve replacement, alteration, reconstruction, relocation, or expansion shall be exempt from the permitting requirements of this Chapter. However, building permits and or electrical permits may be required for certain maintenance and/or minor repairs. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)